I started acupuncture with Neil as a last recourse for a foot injury. I was referred by a friend, and even though I was a non-believer, I was willing to try anything to get relief after being in pain for a year. Neil assured me my belief was not necessary for the acupuncture to work. Within six weeks, my foot pain and nightly swelling was gone, but more important, I felt terrific. This experience led to a relationship that would last 10 years, with weekly, then monthly, appointments for overall body balance and health. Neil is a very competent and thorough practitioner, who works to get to core of your problems without a lot of fluff. Don’t think twice, just do it, and be amazed at the long-term results. 
- Donna 

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I have seen quite a few different practitioners of TCM over the years for varying durations of time, from new practitioners straight out of school to old-time doctors literally from China.  I can honestly say I have seen the most impact on my physiology from the acupuncture care I received from Neil. As an acupuncturist, he is thoughtful, professional, thorough, adaptable to the patients perspective/needs and offered realistic timelines for changes in health/symptoms.  What I enjoyed most about his acupuncture care (beyond the fact that I did see results) were the tid-bits of history behind (or information about) the various acupuncture points that he needled that particular session, and happily discussed how that related to my life/body/care.  To me that shows his passion for acupuncture and TCM.   

- Kristine
I have had a number of sessions with Neil. I also have had many acupuncture sessions at various times over the past 25 years. Neil is very knowledgeable. He worked with my respiratory system and also suggested herbs that were immensely helpful. On another occasion, I had a migraine which happens on rare occasions. Fortunately, Neil was available and his intervention saved the day. I love acupuncture and I appreciate Neil's work.   
                                                                                                                                                                                       - Adrienne

Neil and I worked together for a few years which gave him a front row seat to my daily activities and the stress of my job on me. As a single mom and a young executive of an international division my body had to endure a lot. There were days where I was unable to stand up straight after a brief moment of squatting down at a file cabinet. I spoke to Neil about the onset of my lower back problems and how they quickly progress to being unbearable. I also spoke to him about the quick and short onset of headaches and sharp pains during the day at the office.  What I respect the most about Neil is his ability to actively listen. He was very good at explaining to me how all the things I do contribute to the symptoms I was suffering from. I accepted the treatment plan he offered and I was very open to his ideas to holistically take care of myself.  It was great to be educated on how to better treat my mind, body and spirit during all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Neil. His integrity, ethics, and dedication to his field allows him to provide the utmost care anyone could desire for themselves.
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Davita     
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My 8 year old son is a third grader and had been having a significant problem with nighttime enuresis (bedwetting) and staying dry during the day. He had been making some progress with the assistance of a Nurse Practitioner from Children’s Hospital and became able to stay dry through the night.  Staying dry during the day time was still a problem. He was given an incentive/reward program to assist him with the aspects of his problem that he could control.  My son had been seeing Neil for acupuncture and most recently was prescribed a Chinese herbal formulation.  Since he began on the supplement, he has only wet himself twice in the past 30 days!  We will continue on the supplement to assure success for at least a few months longer.   A happy mom and son!    
                                                                                                        - Andrea
​As an infant (11 months), our daughter was diagnosed with asthma. The diagnosis followed a trip overseas where our daughter was ill with bronchiolitis (basically baby bronchitis), and was treated with steroids and extremely strong antibiotics at a foreign hospital. Upon our return home to the states, she continued to have issues with wheezing, frequent ear infections, coughing, and general ill health. Our pediatrician gave us a nebulizer and we had to give our baby daily treatments of budesonide (an extremely low dose of inhaled steroid), and we also used albuterol for flare ups. We hated having our daughter using so many chemicals in her tiny lungs and I turned to Neil for help. 

Neil spent a lot of time asking about her health and medical history, home life, diet, environment, daily routine and many other factors, to get a clear picture of her life and her illness. Neil was of the opinion that the high doses of medicine she had received overseas were too harsh for her little body and that she was still having residual ill effects. Upon beginning sessions with Neil, our daughter's health improved dramatically. Her wheezing decreased almost immediately. If she got a cold it was over much faster than previously. Ear infections also diminished and eventually stopped altogether. In addition to office treatments, Neil also taught us how to treat our daughter at home. He started her on a program of various herbal extracts that we used daily to boost her health. As our daughter's health improved, we saw Neil less and less, sometimes every other week, stopping for the summer when she was healthier in the warm weather, and returning for a few treatments in the fall to strengthen her for the change of seasons, when, apparently, our bodies are weaker. 

Today our daughter is 3.5 years old and extremely robust and healthy. Her asthma is completely gone and she is rarely ill. When we see her starting to come down with something we use the appropriate herbs and she almost never gets "all the way" sick. In my opinion, her quick healing and good health are a direct result of Neil's care, and our family is very grateful for his work. 

Neil is a quiet, thorough, gentle person. I always feel he gives us excellent advice and he will often research our daughter's "ailments" and contact us with new ideas even outside of our regular appointments.  Neil's gentle manner and calm voice always helped her feel at ease. I highly recommend Neil and cannot say enough good things about the results we got from working with him. Our daughter is healthy, strong, free from asthma, AND free from inhaled chemicals. Thank you, Neil! 
                              - Carolyn
I started working with Neil to treat severe PMS and other menstrual irregularities. He administered acupuncture as well as some other forms of Chinese healing, and I felt both immediate and long-lasting effects. He is an expert and intuitive healer, and treated me with kindness, compassion and care. He was able to rebalance my body's energy in ways that I could not have achieved otherwise. I highly recommend him for any malady you may be suffering from, especially if more traditional medicine or techniques have not offered you any relief.                                                                         
- A.W.
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